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Bonding Hearts to Save Lives

At Remount Foundation, we guide our nation’s service members, veterans, first responders and their families to find healing from the effects of PTSD, TBI, and other life trauma through the Remount Method. This personalized collection of therapeutic activities grounded in equine assisted philosophy empowers our participants to harness their unique pathway to healing through rediscovery of their hope and purpose.

Remount Foundation invites you to discover our life-saving techniques we have shared with over 10,000 active-duty military personnel, veterans of all eras, community first-responders, and their families to transform their lives into ones renewed with hope and purpose. Team RF suggests starting your exploration by scrolling down this homepage. Then, use the menus at the top of each page to dive into who we are, who we serve, how we impact lives, and how you can help.

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RF LifeStories and Experiences

One capability us humans have over our equine friends is our ability to tell stories. Our stories and experiences shape our current (which becomes our past) experiences. They also affect our future decisions. Humans have since the dawn of time used the various platfoorms of the time to tell our stories.

Click the link below to open our LifeStories section in a new window. Before you go or after you return, here are a few testimonials from our program participants


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