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The Remount Method

A hallmark and most-praised aspect of the Remount Method is the program’s flexibility to meet each participant’s discovery level for healing through various therapeutic exercises. Each participant is evaluated during intake and throughout their healing journey to ensure success in and beyond the program. The healing journey is not a “one size fits all” process for all who seek it.
Three core modules dominate the healing process within the Remount Program: Equine Assisted Philosophy (EAP), Play Days, and HeartMath® have been combined to develop what is becoming known as the “Remount Method.” These techniques unite the horse to the healing of each individual participating in the Remount program. Groups, families, and individuals discover unique and special ways to relate to horses and each other as they return or “remount” their lives to what they want them to be.

Equine-Assisted Philosophy

Our flagship program is equine-assisted philosophy (EAP), an intensive program designed to help participants take ownership of their healing, learn to reconnect with their families and provide them with the resilience tools to reintegrate into society successfully. Participants in our EAP program come from all military branches and our communities’ first responders. Participants come from all walks of life and education: enlisted, officers, infantry, medical, special operations, truck drivers, lawyers, doctors, pilots, and engineers.

We also take great pride in serving veterans of all eras, including Vietnam War veterans, as we believe it is never too late to find healing. Many of our volunteers are Vietnam Veterans who are devoted to helping younger veterans come home from war, providing a healing path they never had when they came home from their war. We believe in the power of cross-generational healing and mentorship.
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of our participants admit to suicidal ideation, intention, or attempts before starting our program.

Our EAP participants struggle with anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, anger, and guilt – all hallmark symptoms of PTS. Many of our participants are referred by military or VA mental health professionals, from other non-profit organizations, or – one of the most telling signs of success – word of mouth from other participants or alums of Remount Foundation’s EAP program. Our participants often come to Remount Foundation near the end of their resilience tether, having lost hope in the military or VA care systems. After going through an intake screening to assess their needs, we partner the participant with a staff member (who are primarily unpaid volunteers) who facilitates a series of exercises designed to help the participant learn to process their traumatic experiences, take ownership of their healing, and build the tools of resilience needed to reintegrate into society.


Remount Foundation uses the HeartMath technique to help participants reduce stress and anxiety through research-based, technology-facilitated exercises. With the high prevalence of anxiety, stress, anger, and depression in those affected by PTS, we believe that offering HeartMath to participants is a great way to help them take control of their healing and add a tool to their resilience toolbox. We provide our participants with HeartMath physiological monitors that, through a smartphone application, provide biofeedback to help participants control their breathing and regain inner balance. We know from over a decade of experience that participants’ most effective and sustainable outcomes happen when they take control of their healing.

Play Days

The Play Days module is another equine philosophy therapeutic technique Remount Foundation employs to serve veteran and active-duty military families with trauma; for example, a DSM diagnosis in one or more children, life-threatening health challenges, PTS, divorce, or history of abuse within the family. Remount Play Days bring joy, growth, happy memories, and stronger family connections through sensory movement-based techniques and horse interactions. We continue to see tremendous positive results as families play together and find calm and confidence through their interactions with the horses.

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of America's Bravest and their families have participated in Remount Foundation programs

The Science Behind the Bonds

Quite often, you’ll hear our program alums and our volunteers refer to the “magic” during their session with a Remount horse. It’s a real expression that Team RF hears a lot. It is amazing to watch that bond form. And it feels magical when you or a participant experiences that “Whoa!” moment. We’re still working on this section, but as the name implies, we are going to cover the real science behind the connection between human and horse.

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