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Merck Animal Health

Horses are important to us. Ask any of our participants or our volunteers, and they will all proclaim that the horse is the key to unlocking the peace all of us seek in our lives. Since 2018, Remount Foundation has teamed up with Merck Animal Health to help us care for the health of the horses we depend on. The Equine Team of Merck Animal Health provides a vaccination, medical care, and training program each spring for the Remount Foundation at the United States Air Force Academy’s Equestrian Center. The Equine Team’s gracious giving of their time to do what they do best–dedication to healthy horses–is crucial to ensuring Team Remount can serve those who have served us all.


Here are some linksfrom Merck’s #BeUnconditional campaign featuring Remount Foundation.


Here are some videos from Merck’s #BeUnconditional campaign featuring Remount Foundation.

Merck Equine – “Unconditional”

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