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Equine Assisted Learning for Military, Veterans and Their Families


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All programs are free of charge to active military from any branch of service, veterans, and their family members. Costs are covered by sponsorships and donations.

Remount Foundation is a Colorado registered trade name of Warrior Wellness Foundation, a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation and 501c3 Exempt Organization.

You may donate your tax-deductible contribution to Warrior Wellness Foundation, DBA Remount Foundation using the following methods:

US Postal Service
Remount Foundation
P.O. Box 64198
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-4198


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Remount Makes Sure Your Donations Don’t Go Without Notice

The subtle art of giving credit and thanks

Memorial giving to Remount Foundation benefits the organization while honoring the life of a loved one or a particular individual. When we receive a donation at Remount, we both send a note and make a call to the donor and the honored family. We want to honor the person who thought of us and let those left behind know how much we value the generous gift.

We’ve all had situations where we made a donation but then wondered if the survivors were ever notified of it, let alone thanked. Some of us have made contributions, then learned (often much later) that the family never received notification, which leaves one in a really awkward position – wanting the family to know you thought of them without looking like a jerk by telling them so. So how does one guard against this? At Remount, we offer solutions for the memorial family and the donor.

For the honored family, here are some options Remount can put into action on your behalf to donors giving on your behalf:

– The family may request a list of donors. Some families wish to express a personalized thank you to each donor. That expression may manifest as written notes, but usually as a phone call. A loss is overwhelming. Taking on such tasks should be done carefully; however, contacting donors does offer the family a path to progress through the later stages of grieving. A simple phone conversation celebrating the life of the memorialized individual, the generosity of the donor, and how the two come together to grow the mission of Remount Foundation brings closure while creating a legacy.

– Optionally, the family may request Remount send thank you notes to donors. Remount, after all, is benefitting; therefore it’s appropriate for us to express appreciation. Written responses in this form can even be scanned and forwarded to the family, so they know who made donations and that the gift was acknowledged.

– Another option for memorialized families is a phone call from Remount to each donor. This option provides a very personal acknowledgment of the gift and an opportunity for the donor to ask questions about the foundation. Remount follows up with the family by providing a list of contacted donors.

For donors, the following tips ensure your donation on behalf of someone else receives proper recognition and handling:

– First, let us know of your desire to honor someone. Include a note or check notation saying whom the gift is memorializing. It would also be helpful to include your address in case the family or Remount wants to send an acknowledgment. It is completely acceptable to request that we notify the family of your gift. It is also acceptable for you to request that we not notify the family of your gift if you wish to remain anonymous.

– Second, please don’t send cash. It creates problems for everyone along the chain of receipt. If cash is really the most appropriate or maybe the only possible way to donate, have someone trusted to deliver it in person to Remount and get a receipt. Contact us on how to donate this way.

– Lastly, you may send a sympathy card to the family saying that you have remembered the deceased with a donation to Remount. We will gladly forward a note or card sent with your donation to the family. Your time spent making the donation and crafting a sympathy card will not go unnoticed.

This is not to make mountains out of benevolent gestures. It never hurts to do something nice, and your gesture will likely benefit Remount and the honored family more than you would imagine.

Visit today or contact us to honor someone by impacting the lives of our military family through Remount Foundation.

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