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The Remount Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping active-duty military, veterans, and first responders cope with Post Traumatic Stress and other emotional scars from serving our country and its citizens. We help people suffering from service-related events cope with this trauma’s long-lasting effects. We’ve learned that horses help people heal.


Remount Foundation was started in 2009 by Jeanne Springer and Billy Jack Barrett. Both were working in various capacities at the riding stables at the United States Air Force Academy with cadets and other military members when they began to see horses in a new light. They witnessed first-hand the transformative healing power between equines and humans. From there, Billy Jack, and especially Jeanne started tapping into the equine magic. Word got around about the fledgling program, and it grew out of necessity. In 2016, the Remount Foundation name was selected for the organization, symbolizing the rich history between horses and the United States military, which was once called the Remount Service. The governance of the organization continues to transition to a Board of Directors. Billy Jack and Jeanne continue to run the organization with a hands-on approach and a stable of volunteers and supporters.

The Program

Our flagship method is Equine Assisted-Learning (EAL), which is an intensive program designed to help participants take ownership of their healing, learn to reconnect with their families and provide them with the resilience tools to successfully reintegrate into society. Participants in our EAL program come from all branches of the military, as well as community first responders. Our services are free to all participants. We take great pride in serving veterans of all eras, including those from the Vietnam War, as we believe it is never too late to find healing. Some become volunteers and are devoted to helping younger veterans find a healing path that they never had when they came home from Vietnam. We believe in the power of cross-generational healing and mentorship. 50% of our participants admit to suicidal ideation, intention, or attempts before starting our program.
Our EAL participants struggle with anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, anger, and guilt – all hallmark symptoms of PTSD. Many of our participants are referred from either military or VA mental health professionals, from other non-profit organizations, or – one of the most telling signs of success – word of mouth from other participants or alumni of Remount Foundation. Our participants often come to the Remount Foundation program near the end of their resilience tether, having lost hope in their support systems. After going through an intake screening to assess their needs, we usually partner the participant with a highly-trained volunteer who facilitates a series of exercises designed to help the participant learn to process their traumatic experiences. We encourage them to take ownership of their healing and build the tools of resilience needed to reintegrate into society.
The Horse Boy Method is another equine therapy technique that Remount Foundation uses to help military families (including those affected by autism) and warriors – particularly those affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI is the “signature wound” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, often caused by blast injuries from improvised explosive devices. The Horse Boy Method, designed by Rupert Isaacson, helps participants through a series of sensory movement exercises and interactions with the horse. Whether through one-on-one work with combat wounded warriors suffering from the side effects of TBI, or through half-day sessions for military families (especially those families with autistic children). We couch the Horse Boy family sessions as “play dates” for the children, and we continue to see tremendous positive results as the families find calm and confidence through interactions with the horses.
Remount Foundation also uses the HeartMath® technique to help participants reduce their stress and anxiety through research-based, technology-facilitated exercises. With the high prevalence of anxiety, stress, anger, and depression in those affected by PTS, we believe that offering HeartMath® to our participants is a great way to help them take control of their healing and add a tool to their resilience toolbox. We provide our participants with HeartMath® physiological monitors that, through a smartphone application, provide biofeedback to help participants control their breathing and regain inner balance. We know from over a decade of experience that the most effective and sustainable outcomes for warriors happens when they take control of their healing.


Remount Foundation regularly updates followers on social media channels, and receives positive press.  

Local OTA & Streaming TV Broadcast

KOAA-TV featured Remount Foundation in their Serving Colorado series of news stories and in on-air promotional spots.

Radio Podcast

Remount Foundation forged a joint partnership with Mountain Country radio. For one year, between 2020 and 2021, stories about Remount were featured weekly on social media of the popular Colorado Springs station.


Remount Foundation continues to remain focused on the mission. It is funded through private donors, foundation grants, and our charity golf tournament.



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2021 Financial Overview


To date, Remount Foundation has served more than 10,000 participants. As the program continues to grow, we continue to meet challenges of the day. For example, COVID restrictions put an additional strain on veterans already struggling with PTS. We realized it, and quickly adjusted our program to accommodate by offering online sessions.

Our world continues to create situations that traumatize those currently on the front lines, our first-responders experiencing the horrific trauma from an active shooter event, and those who have served on the front lines, decades long battle scars inflicted across multiple generations of warriors. We see an increased need for services and can only continue to offer this program through our generous supporters. 

Discover more about Remount Foundation through the pages of our website. If you believe in our “Horse Power for Heroes” approach to hope and healing, join us as a participant, a volunteer, or a supporter.