Jeanne Connects With Japanese Equestrian Healing Program

Jeanne travels to Japan to promote the equine-assisted learning techniques she has created within the Remount Program. The Japanese people were very receptive to the healing tools that Jeanne presented.
Jeanne Springer with her Japanese students who successfully completed the Horse Boy certification.
As co-founder and program director for the Remount Foundation, I am always looking not only to reach people in need of healing but to have the best possible toolbox for warriors and families, one that is multifaceted and broad in scope. The Remount toolset includes the combination of equine-assisted learning (O.K. Corral Series) with the Horse Boy sensory movement framework and HeartMath®, for building resilience.
When asked by Rupert Isaacson, the originator and founder of Horse Boy sensory movement framework, if I would join our Remount and Horse Boy team member, Bianca Rimbach, in Japan representing not only Horse Boy, but also the work of Remount, I felt that a divine purpose was unfolding. And, indeed, that was true. The Japanese have a thriving equestrian industry, including a thoroughbred racing industry, and the All Japan Riding Association’s intention in hosting us in Japan was to support and expand the toolbox for Japanese use of horses in healing work. What I found in Japan was a lovely culture and people; kind and humble, with an efficient work ethic while also fun-loving and creative, desiring to do healing work with horses for their country. Healing work not only for autism and other neuro atypical or behavioral challenges but for trauma and post-traumatic stress. I spoke with people that had struggled with trauma and had attempted suicide to escape the emotional pain caused by trauma, but had found, just as we have seen, the work with horses to be the path that most helped them move toward wholeness. On the very first day of presentations, I also discovered that the Japanese are seeing the generational impact of post-traumatic stress in the abuse and neglect of the children of parents that struggle with PTS from the devastation of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Their interest in the work of Horse Boy and Remount was deep and genuine.
We spent 5 days in Nagoya, teaching and giving demos, followed by one day of travel to Tokyo. We spent two nights and one full day in Tokyo where we met with some international teachers and did a tiny bit of sightseeing. We then traveled to Utsunomiya and Nasu for the last 5 days, 3 days of teaching and demos and two days of Horse Boy training and certification.

I am tremendously blessed to be doing exactly what I feel I have been called and equipped to do in healing work with people and horses. In Remount, the Japanese found a program that has a broader toolbox for healing and, for this reason, I have been invited back to Japan next year to teach what Remount does. It is heartwarming and humbling to realize that we are globally connected, not only by our challenges and suffering, but by the thread of compassion for healing. The Japanese people truly touched my heart.
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