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What is theRF Posee?

The RF Posse is recognition bestowed upon the friends or “pardners” of Remount Foundation. Whether it has been major asset donations or of the donor’s significant amount of time supporting Team RF, the initial RF Posse members have been foundational and inspirational to the initial growth of the program. As Remount Foundation continues to grow in the number of program participants while broadening from US service members and veterans to including our nation’s first responders, Team RF has developed multiple ways for the Posse to expand with the additional, defined avenues to support Remount Foundation. These latest support initiatives are encapsulated in “Horse Power for Heroes”.

The “Horse Power for Heroes” funding initiatives provide opportunities of various support levels to a wide gamut of donor types and campaigns: from individuals to family foundations to corporate entities giving through monthly, recurring donations for program expenses up to cornerstone capital campaign contributions.

Team RF hopes that defining these needs will provide you, our generous donors, a clear presentation of the financial needs of the Remount program–a program offered at no cost to participants–that is rapidly growing as word spreads about the healing power of horses in the peaceful, safe environment created within Remount Foundation.

Watch this space for more on the Posse and the "Horse Power for Heroes" campaign

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The RF Posse MembersMake An Impact!

We would like to share with you about the impact made by those who are in our Posse community. We are grateful for their support of the Horse Power for Heroes program. These friends of Remount Foundation help create the safe environment needed for sessions with our program participants by supporting our acquisition of needed equipment and veterinarian care plus the feeding of the herd,

Big R

Donated several palletes of feed to care for the Remount herd.


Merck has provided thousands of dollars of vaccinations plus hunders of labor hours from their veterinarian staff to care for the herd. Whle providing these donated services, the Merck staff educate RF volunteers on basic horse health examination and preventive maintenance techniques.

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