Merck Equine Team Visits Remount

There's something special about being around a horse. Even when you work with horses everyday in your profession, there will be a horse that affects your life.

Volunteers from the Equine Team from Merck Animal Health spent the day providing health exams and deworming and vaccinating the horses that we use for equine programs.  Led by Ron McDaniel, and comprised of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and other experts, the Merck Equine Team gathered from all over the United States to donate their time and expert care to the Remount Foundation.  We started the event with a hayride tour of the grounds, followed by a presentation by the Remount staff and the testimonials of several Remount alumni.  Afterward, the Merck team worked with the Remount staff to examine, deworm, and vaccinate the horses before we closed the day’s activities with a wonderful dinner hosted by Merck. 

If I may, I’d like to focus a bit on the interactions between the Merck team and our Remount alumni.  Two themes were common to each Remount alumni story: a) the Remount program was the turning point in their recovery, and b) the deep sense of gratitude toward the Remount staff, particularly founders Billy Jack Barrett and Jeanne Springer.  As I watched the Merck team during the Remount alumni testimonies, I could see the transition from genuine interest to the kind of rapt attention that people only give during a life-changing moment. 

For the Remount alumni – many of whom are combat wounded veterans – it was a chance to say thank you and to give back by bridging the gap in understanding between combat veterans and the public. For the Merck Animal Health team, it was the opportunity to learn the impact of their invaluable volunteer work.  And for some of the Merck team, it was a chance to share – often through tears – the price their families paid in service to our great nation.  Powerful stories were shared; powerful connections were made.  To the Merck team: we are so grateful to you, and we look forward to our next gathering!  

In addition to saying a heartfelt thank you from the Remount Foundation to the Merck team, I would also like to highlight how volunteering can often be just as therapeutic and life-altering for the volunteer as it is for the recipient.  The Merck team brought expertise, passion, and patriotism with them, and I believe they took away a deeper understanding of the power of equine assisted learning.  The same opportunity awaits you if you want to become involved with the Remount Foundation.  We believe in saving lives one rider at a time.  We know that we change volunteers’ lives one interaction at a time.  

Please contact Mr. Billy Jack Barrett or Ms. Jeanne Springer if you are interested in learning more about how you can join our cherished team of volunteers and donors.  Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of our riders.  Let’s ride!

Dr. David Andrews

President, Remount Foundation

The members of the Merck Equine Team:

Ron McDaniel

Jeff Baldridge

Fairfield Bain, DVM

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