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Read About Our Mascot – Mine That Bird

A new addition to the website today: Our Mascot page. Read this brief introduction to Mine That Bird, the 2009 Kentucky Derby winning Thoroughbred. You’ll discover the amazing story about the “Bird’s” last-minute journey to Churchill Downs where he was considered an “also-ran” before the race even started. Mine That Bird came from behind the pack to a history-making lead out front to win the 135th Kentucky Derby. The Bird’s incredible strength and go at it with everything you’ve got spirit when the odds are against you reflects the warriors we have the honor of working with at Remount Foundation. Check out the Our Mascot page here.



Mine That Bird, the Remount Foundation’s Mascot, and co-owner Mark Allen, greet movie-goers for the release of “50 to 1.” The movie tells the story of how an overlooked gelding beat the 50-1 odds to win the 135th Kentucky Derby.



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